The Hidden Persuader - Dancing Machine - [Music Video]

I'm a fan of every variety of electro music that's out there: the crazy futuristic next level cuts, dark science business, classic electro funk, hard miami style, cerebral drexciyan business, the hard drugs sound of Berlin ... it goes on and on. But nothing gets the old DJ in me as amped as cuts that are just plain funky as f--k.

Cuts I know from my 11 years of being behind the decks that would work the dancefloor, get the guys kopfnikken, and the ladies shakin' the booty. This gem from Hidden Persuader is a direct bomb on the dancefloor, explosive with funk and energy, and the accompanying video illustrates this perfecty. Along with two solid remixes from DVS NME and Prototype, the Dancing Machine EP is without a doubt recommended. Available now directly from The Hidden Persuader's bandcamp.

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