A conversation with DVS NME of the Dark Science Electro Radio Show

With this drop, I'm starting a little Q and A series of short conversations with active members in the electro music community, from artists, producers, record labels to DJs pushing the sound forward. We begin with DVS NME, the talent behind the brilliant Dark Science Electro radio show.

First things first, tell us a little about yourself

Well I go by the acronym 'DVS NME' in the electro community. I am the sole deejay of the weekly radio show 'Dark Science Electro' on ILegal Connection radio. The show got started when I was approached by UX II (the man behind the station) in April of 2010 to have my own slot on the station. He had caught some of my mixes on Soundcloud.com and was interested in securing a Friday night slot for me on IC Radio. The concept behind the show was to focus on the dark side of electro; Not electropop, breaks, electrofunk, electrocore or any other form of electro.. Dark, 'sciency' electro!! It will always be the focus of not only my sets but my own productions as well..

What's your background with electro music? How'd you get involved? 

As with many electro-heads, my background with electro goes back to my childhood.. Growing up in southern California I had access to some of the best radio on the airwaves of the time. My earliest electro memory would probably be from when i was about 12 years old; I remember tuning into 'Kurtis Blow and The Old School Show' on POWER106 FM in Los Angeles and hearing the likes of Zapp and Roger, Mantronix, Afrika Bambaataa, Davy DMX and other pioneers. I recall that I would make mix tapes of the tracks i was hearing on the station and dub copies for my friends! Looking back it all seems so silly but without that experience I wouldn't be the audiophile i am today.

What do you think about the state of the scene and where it's going?

I have high hopes for the state of the electro scene and where its headed. Being a deejay/artist right now is a very exciting time for the scene... Technology is advancing the genre whether we want it to or not; A good handful of deejays are moving into non-wax deejaying which allows new artists to be heard when they otherwise wouldn't be.... The acceptance of mp3 releases has made the music more affordable and more available to the general public.. And the user-friendly nature and accessibility of DAW's has made music makers less broke and more productive than ever before... I think those things are helping to push electro into the next phase. Only one of many phases before it takes over the world!! But I really do think that the aforementioned changes are why so many new artists are emerging from around the globe in the past few years.. Hearing each area of the world's take on electro is awesome and I'm excited for the future of electro music...

Who are your five favorite electro artists?

(in no particular order)

Dark Vektor
Dynamik Bass System

Any thoughts on the top newcomer to the electro scene to look out for?

Thats tough... Well I would say there is just way too much good electro coming out around the world to go with ONE artist. I would say I could narrow it down to a country if your'e making me pick one of anything... I think people need to look out for what is coming out of Poland. Elektropunkz Label has a few younger guys that know whats up with dark electro.

Where can bassheads find you on the web?


Thanks for taking the time to let heads know a little more about you, to wrap up, where people can tune in to your show and where can they find archives?

Listeners can tune in to the live broadcast of the show on Fridays at 6:00 UTC which is 10pm in California and 1am in Florida. I always post the show for our friends over the pond shortly after the show is off the air. I post the three most recent shows on my Soundcloud account for those who couldn't make the show.

UPDATE: Check out the next drop in this "Conversations With..." Series, Serbian electro producer Alavux. 

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