Karatuk - XR - Kotangens Records

Deep space electro on this 3 tracker by Karatuk off Kotangens. I love all the regular heads that pop up on City of Bass, but I'm also excited by new artists, labels or potentially pseudonyms of said artists.. but I digress. 'Colour Images' is the stand out track here, one for the head.phon crew but the other two joints don't slack off either - scattershot beats, pulses and movement that all joins together in the right places. Top notch and worth your time.. I know I could get a lot more traffic by posting up certain artists and labels, but that's not what this is about.. it's about music exploration and you guys always knowing you're gonna hear the creme-de-la-creme in electro when you visit Vocode CoB. Take a listen.

In other news, I'm sick as a dog so this is the only one for today, I'm writing at 2:29 AM with insomnia and mad flu ;) Enjoy!

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