Denon SC3700 Traktor Pro 2 Pure Midi Four Deck Control Mapping v1.0

This mapping features dual layer control for each Denon SC3700 and allows for full 4 deck Traktor control. Multiple macro mappings, dedicated Filter 92 for each deck, LED indication, playlist control and much more. My intention was two fold: to get maximum use out of my Denon SC3700s with the latest version of Traktor (2.11 at the time of this release) and to provide documentation to enable others to learn about Traktor mapping. I am particularly proud of the controller manager detailed notation, which explains what each line of mapping does and how it affects any other functions.


Download TSI files and 10 page instruction manual on DJ Tech Tools Here

Download TSI files, instruction manual + various Denon SC3700 PDFs Here

Both sets of links will be updated anytime I update new versions

What You Get In The Instruction Manual

General Notes (Page 1)
Setting up your Denon SC3700s and Traktor (Page 2)
Controller Manager Notation (Page 3)
Modifiers and Macros (Page 4)
Thank You and Shout Outs (Page 4)
Effects (Page 4)
The Mapping and Overview (Page 5)
Denon LED Commands and Functions (Page 10)


I originally purchased the Denon SC3700 decks because I was enamored by the Technics SL-DZ1200, overwhelmed by all the issues inherent with keeping that ancient product going, and finally settled on something slightly old but that still worked with modern software - namely the Denon SC3700.

The goal was to have fun with DJing again: import house and techno vinyl costs too much money for what is now an enjoyable pastime for me, and straight digital DJing with button pushing was boring me. Since the time of purchase, I took a deep dive into learning the ins and outs of the Denon SC3700, and overcame a lot of obstacles to get the Denon decks working in both pure midi mode (no spinning platter) as well as hybrid mode (deck generated timecode and spinning platter functioning). I am still working on the hybrid mapping and have several obstacles to overcome.

Oddly enough, despite my original take on button pushing, I've come to use the Denon SC3700 decks more in this pure midi mode rather than hybrid mode with the spinning platter - i.e I no longer find button pushing boring, and I'm having blast controlling four Traktor decks with my Denon SC3700s. 

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